Recuva software for recovering deleted data

Recuva is an effective software for recovering files that were accidentally or intentionally deleted (lost) on computer hard drives as well as on removable media.

Recuva free download

  • Version 1.53
  • File Size 5.3 Mb
  • Software Cost 0.00 $
  • OS Windows

What's new in Recuva 1.53:

  • 1Improved support for Ext4 and Ext3 filesystems.
  • 2Improved scanning of Fat32 partitions.
  • 3Optimized the secure overwriting feature in Windows 10 and 11.
  • 4Improved disk and partition detection.
  • 5Improved keyboard control of Recuva.
  • 6Minor interface improvements and bug fixes.

Recuva features

  • 1Recovers information from Recycle Bin, Flash drive, Memory cards and other devices;
  • 2Supports a large number of memory cards: Secure Digital, MemoryStick, Sony Memory Sticks, Smart Media and many others;
  • 3Recover damaged, formatted disks after a software failure;
  • 4Handles all types of deleted files, from images to music and video;
  • 5Completely deletes unnecessary information, without the possibility of recovery.

Recuva Benefits

  • 1Intuitive, simple software user interface in English;
  • 2Smart analysis of lost files;
  • 3Deep scan of the file system;
  • 4Convenient search by title, as well as by file extension;
  • 5Recover deleted files from Windows 10 and 11, support for old Windows XP and Vista.


  • 1Works only on Windows, you cannot recover Mac OS files;
  • 2Low probability of repairing corrupted file drives.

Recuva description

Recuva is a simple but effective data recovery software. It does not matter where the files were and what format they were in. The tool automatically displays all lost objects. You only need to specify the disk and the type of analysis. Supported file systems are ntfs, fat, fat32, exfat, etc.

Recuva will help you to recover deleted files from the Recycle Bin, from individual folders, and restore information that was on removable media, portable drives: ext4, ext3 partitions of digital camcorders, cell phones, etc.

An elementary, at first glance, deleted file recovery software is capable of putting even a superficially formatted hard drive back in order. So with its functionality, restoring accidentally deleted files won't be too difficult. But that's not all. Recuva can not only return deleted files, but also permanently delete unnecessary information and remnants of found files.

Note that the sooner you start using the File Recovery Wizard, the more likely you are to get all your files back. You should not install the application on the same drive where the data was deleted. Overwriting to clusters can happen, and your mistakenly deleted photos, accidentally unsaved documents or other corrupted data will disappear forever.

How to use Recuva

When Recuva starts up, it gives the user the ability to customize the search options for the data he needs.

  • 1In the first window, select the type of data, the same format - images, video, music, archives, emails, Word and Excel documents or files of all types. Click on Next.
  • 2The next window lets you choose where the files are located - on a memory card or other removable media, in documents, in the trash, or at a specific location on the disk. If you don't know where to look for a file, select I'm not sure.
  • 3Recuva is now ready to search. Before you start, you can activate the in-depth search function, but it will take longer. It is recommended to use this function when the search is unsuccessful. Click Start.
  • 4In front of you is a list of the data found. A green circle next to the name means that the file is ready to be recovered, a yellow one means that the file is corrupted, and a red one means that the file cannot be recovered. Check the box next to the desired file and click Recover.
  • 5Select the folder on your hard drive where you want to save the data.

Video guide

In this video instruction I show how to install Recuva, set the correct settings in the Recovery Wizard and run the scan. The next step is to analyze the recovered information, view the results, and save the files.

Improved recovery process when specifying file location

In Recuva, in order to make the process of scanning deleted files as efficient as possible, you need to specify the location of these files before they are completely removed from the computer.

In-Depth Analysis

This option is disabled by default in Recuva, because with it activated scanning of deleted files will take much longer. However, by enabling this option you significantly increase the chances of finding files that have been deleted after a long period of time.

Selective recovery

As a result of searching for deleted files Recuva will display a list of found items. You will need to review this list carefully and check the boxes of files that will be restored.