Recuva - an easy way to recover deleted files

The free Recuva program is one of the most popular means of recovering data from a USB flash drive, memory card, hard drive or other drive in NTFS, FAT32 and ExFAT file systems with a good reputation (from the same developers as the well-known CCleaner utility).

Recuva free download

Every day, users install and uninstall various programs. In some cases, for various reasons, a system crash occurs and some data may disappear.

The most important data on our computers are documents, photos, audio and video archives. To avoid losing important data, it is recommended to make regular backups. If data is lost and there is no backup, then Recuva comes to the rescue. This is a free program to recover deleted files.

Recuva free download

When you delete a file from the disk, only the record about it in a special table is deleted (it contains the file name and its actual address on the disk). The sectors containing the deleted file are overwritten with new information and after a while the data is irretrievably lost. In order to avoid overwriting data and their final loss, it is recommended not to perform any file operations on the disk (writing or copying data). I recommend installing Recuva on your computer right now.